Editing awakens the grammar geek in me.

Complex texts with the smallest of errors can lead to major miscommunication. But even the simplest of texts deserve rigorous attention. My assets include an eye for detail, a keen sense for polishing the final product, an excellent command of grammar, and an understanding of the target market. Let me tweak your text to perfection.

Below are just a few examples of recent editing projects.

Corporate Communications ✪ From mailings and websites to newsletters and promotional materials, I’ve helped numerous companies take their message to the next level.

Medical ✪ I have worked on a life sciences project since 2007 providing a service called    backediting, editing the final versions of medical and surgical equipment manuals. This demands a level of careful attention and precision on which patients’ lives literally depend.

TV & Film ✪ I have had the pleasure of working on a large number of editing projects for the film industry. These included finalizing the French release of Cars, editing subtitles for a German film on Anne Frank, polishing numerous corporate videos and tweaking scripts and screenplays.

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